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Tips on Choosing Right Banarasi Wedding Sarees

 Banarasi Wedding Sarees

One of the best things about Indian wedding is the vibrant and elegant looking wedding sarees. Brides look beautiful and elegant when they walk in wearing saree on the day of the wedding. If you are one of those brides and looking for wedding sarees, then you will find the wide range of options in the market. When it comes to options, Banarasi Wedding Sarees are the best one to go for.

These sarees are carefully weaved and handcrafted using age-old handloom process. They come in different styles, colors and look which make it look grand and royal. Blended with elegant jewelry, make-up and beautiful smile, the bride certainly looks gorgeous.

Banarasi Wedding Sarees


If you are looking forward to choosing Banarasi Wedding Sarees, here are few things to consider:


As you are already over-burdened with the cost of the wedding, buying sarees is an additional burden which you need to face. The price range of Banarasi wedding sarees depends on the type you are buying. Check out online websites that deal with Benarasi sarees offering in the different price range.  Asha Gautham offers these silk sarees under different price range.

Designs and Fabric:

A genuine Banaras sari is weaved using 5600 thread wires. There are four fabric variations-

  • Katan
  • Georgette
  • Shatter
  • Organza

Designs which you can choose are-

  • Jamdani
  • Jangla Sarees
  • Tanchoi Sarees
  • Tissue Sarees
Body Type:

When you are looking for Banarasi wedding sarees, you need to select according to the body type you carry. It should complement the way you carry yourself. If you are tall and slim then silk sarees with heavy embellishments and bold colors would go perfectly. In short, then light colors and short borders are perfect. You can seek the assistance of a professional fashion designer who can help you to know what type of saree would suit your body.


Indian weddings comprise multiple occasions for which you will need to buy different sarees per occasion. For morning rituals you can go for Benarasi pure silk saree and for the evening you can go for bright color and beautifully embroidered work. You need to choose saree as per the requirement of the occasion and other aspects.

About Asha Gautam:

Asha Gautam is one of the reputed fashion designers in India. From the beautiful range of lehengas to sarees, the designer has been working best in every collection that defines the rich culture of India. Vibrant colors, handloom textiles and luxury craft everything piece designed by Asha Gautam are pure class. The duo is known for their sensibility and merging of classic appealing work for every Indian woman.

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