Regal Paithani Sarees From Maharashtra, India

Regal Paithani Sarees From Maharashtra, India

All the regal paithani sarees are known as the most elegant saris and are quite popular amongst the regional area. A few of the characteristics that you can distinguish from any other garment is that it has a peacock design on the pallu. It also has some oblique squares on the border of the saree.

A paithani saree is named after the Paithan town that is located in the Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Women usually wear this type of sarees at a traditional festival in the family or some huge occasion. Did you know? The weaving of a Paithani saree can take anywhere between 18 to 24 months depending upon the complexity of the design. Most of the designs in the sarees are visually striking and comes in single colors. A Paithani
Saree is unique in its own way, the way it is woven and the fabric speaks louder than words! From luxury stores to flea markets, you can easily find a paithani saree in India.

Choice Of The Rich and Famous
There are different threads of colors that are used in weaving the fabric according to its length. Henceforth, it gives a kaleidoscope effect. All these silk saris are made with the traces of golden zari on the corresponding material. It comes under the essence of sophistication and ensures rich and intricate designs.

When you wear a Paithani sari, women usually don up with the auspicious jewellery on formal occasions and wedding functions. The entire outfit looks amazing and is paired with floral arrangements and other jewelry items. You can easily add floral arrangements to your hair to create magic in your ethnic trousseau. It will signify poison elegance and will give you
compliments such as an elegant lady. You can also carry a handbag for completing the spectrum of ethnic attire.

Asha Gautam has pretty designs and is quite popular amongst the rich crowd in Delhi NCR.

Mostly, women prefer embroidered clutches or handbags that have moti work on it, The clutches that are connected with chains are usually preferred by these women and goes well with the design on these Paithani saris.
You can add a clash of textured, beaded handbag, in case you don’t want an embroidered one! This will give an oomph factor to your entire outfit and will automatically bring sophistication that depicts oodles of respect. If you wish to opt for pure classic, aesthetic designs, you need to head to our website-  or you can also make an
appointment by giving us a call at +9198112 13124 or +919313709017

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