Paithani sarees in delhi

Considered to be royalty among sarees, Paithani Sarees is known as the “queen of silks”. This fine weaved silk heirloom earned its name from the city of its origin, that is, Paithan in Aurangabad. Dominating the world of sarees since the second century AD and second century BC, this masterpiece of work still remains a treat to the eyes. Paithani sarees holds a treasured place in the trousseau of a Maharashtrian bride. But now it also has earned a place as a classic wedding saree for mothers. The Paithani weave was, in fact, a tapestry weaving technique at first and later came to be used for weaving sarees

Paithani sarees were once upon a time woven from silk threads that came from China and locally made zari that came from real gold and silver thread. Nowadays, however, mulberry silk from Bangalore and zari from Surat are used in the weaving process.

It is not only the bride and the groom who needs to look their best on their wedding day but their relatives and friends too are required to adorn the best of their looks. And when it comes to the mother, be it of the groom or the bride, she plays a special role in the marriage ceremony and hence needs to look the best while at the same time carry an outfit that is comfortable as well because of the unlimited chores that need to be taken off.

Being the mother she has the right to opt for such a saree that can effortlessly make her attractive and stand out from the diverse crowd present at the wedding ceremony. For such a purpose, Paithani sarees are the best options for mothers as a classic wedding outfit.

As these Paithani sarees are weaved from naturally dyed threads there is a variety of basic color options that best suitable for mothers in the wedding season. These sarees usually have two dominating colors, one on the saree and the other on the pallu and the border.

Various motifs such as parrots, natural, pankha, pomegranate flowers and many more adorn the paithani sarees that have the capability of making the mothers stand out from the crowd in the wedding ceremonies. Because of the manual nature of the weaving process, no two paithani sarees will ever be the same, hence ensuring the fact that the mother has something unique to adorn in their child’s wedding.

Thus the soft intricate handwoven designs, the subtle colors of the naturally dyed threads and the delicate material make the paithani saree a perfect choice as a classic wedding saree for mothers.

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