Our Journey in relaunching our Bridal wear

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New beginnings for me are always a mixed bag of feelings, anticipation, excitement, and dreams blooming into reality. So, as we stand on the threshold of re-launching our bridal wear, I look back at all the years that lie behind us. Just a little over a year ago, the pandemic shut the door on many of us, keeping us locked in our homes, with nowhere to go. And really that’s where the story of this collection starts. The idea of new ways to celebrate, to create, to dream and breathe opened our minds to all that we had never thought of. We had an inkling that as the world regains its momentum, things may look very different from where they had started. And that’s where we began putting our minds to work. With the addition of an all-exclusive bridal atelier and a renewed sense of creativity flowing through us, we started experimenting, a direction that bore fruit as we incorporated diverse knot embroidery techniques to breathe new life into bridal wear.

Asha Gautam has proudly owned its identity as a heritage brand, now and ever. From ideation to creation, our singular goal is to weave timelessness in every inch of fabric. And our all-new collection is no exception to the rule of the timeless. With recourse to colours that speak of the joy of the bride, and always have we owned up to the Reds and Pinks that define bridal wear. And while the artwork these pieces feature is diverse, as always, they find their inspiration in the roots of what moves India- Vrindavan. Since the name itself makes an impact enough to move the soul, we decided to feature its signature iconography, from the love story between Radha and Krishna, to the forests encasing its many secrets. There are many emotions that Vrindavan inspires within me and while I believe that not much can full express the extent of these feelings, this collection has been the canvas to let them flow on, using these elements to create wearable art.

In all of these long 25 years, we have been experimental with many types of embroidery, but the one that has come to define Asha Gautam is knot embroidery. It’s a recurring feature in many of our works alongside 15 other types of techniques and materials. The style itself etches a statement of grandeur unlike no other. But despite its magnificence, we push ourselves, every year to up the ante, to create our finest work yet, and break that record with an even finer work. This year, more than a 100 hand embroiders came together in our bridal atelier to create these masterpieces, all the while keeping in mind the ethos of the brand. The pillars of craftsmanship, timelessness, authenticity, and uniqueness bleed through every yard of textile, a testament to the year this collection has spent in creation.

When the team sat down to plan this collection out, a question arose in our in minds, “Does the bridal lehenga ever get worn again?” After much thought had been put to this question, we united in the claim that what we make must qualify as a responsible luxury, a timeless line of garments that see generations and become heirlooms, in and of themselves. This line of thinking was derived from our range of heirloom sarees and while the two differ, we must arise to the occasion of creating trends and moulding a new path for those to come.

On behalf of our entire team, I would like to say we have put in all that we have to create something beautiful, something different, and something to be proud of for any bride-to-be. And we’re just getting started to re-create the next coveted fashion statement in the fashion industry.

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