How to Match Bridal Lehenga with Groom Sherwani

How to Match Bridal Lehenga with Groom Sherwani – Asha Gautam

Weddings are the perfect Occasions to flaunt the ethnic fashion among the loved ones. What makes weddings more beautiful, apart from two souls vowing to stay together for all their lives, is the glow which surrounds the bride and the groom as they start their journey of living together dressed in royal traditional and ethnic attires.

The bride and the groom are always expected to be in the finest of the clothing as they are the centre of attraction of the wedding. However, the brightest aspect of the wedding is the matching attire of the would be couple, i.e. the heavy worked bridal Lehenga and the beautifully designed Men’s Sherwani.

Following are some of the ways in which one can match the outfits of the bride and the groom for the wedding occasion to bring out a perfect blend-

Bridal Lehenga

Colour – Colour plays the most vital role in matching the outfits of the bride and the groom. The best way to bring the matching in terms of colours is by making the couple wear contrasting colours. For Example – The bride can choose to wear a Maroon Lehenga with Gold or cream design while the groom can contrast it with a cream or gold Sherwani outlined by Maroon.

Pattern – Along with wearing matching or contrasting colours for the D Day, the couple can tastefully blend the outfits by choosing similar pattern or design on the cloth by having different shades of colour. This look also makes a perfect contrast while also being picture perfect.

Accessories – Accessorizing is another way in which one can match the look of the bride and the groom for the wedding day. Many a times, we see that the accessories of the bride and the groom have nothing common in them. However, it should be noted that accessories make the perfect add on elements for matching and contrasting theme. For Example – one can add a necklace of beaded strings around the groom in the colour of the bride’s Lehenga or adorn a bride with jewels that match the groom’s Sherwani.

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