The phrase ” Every global brand was first local ” is so true. Recently PM Narendra Modi mentioned how it is relevant to value our local products. A country with our population and talent can progress more when our handmade crafts are branded and promoted more not only in India but at the global level. At Asha Gautam we believe in Handmade being our strength from the very beginning. Asha Gupta love to play around textiles was the reason behind she started this.  She used to mix different textiles and create designs. Her love for Indian crafts is still relevant till now in the brand.
Gautam , after joining took the brand to the next level by researching into more crafts and later in weaves. They both traveled to more than 10 clusters to research crafts the grass-root level and see how it can be transformed into today’s market.

”There is a gap between what consumers need today and what artisans make and lot of research and creativity is required to make them aspiring. Indian handmade textiles are not drape friendly as imported fabric and this is why their demand was quite low some years back. Thanks to design intervention of the industry and especially textile designers that we are seeing more versatility” Gautam says.

“Our local crafts are not only our biggest asset but also very understated in the global fashion. Now we hear so much about eco friendly, sustainable and handmade fashion which is encouraging as we have always been committed to Indian crafts in the past 22 years of our existence and will always do at asha gautam “ says Asha gupta

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