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Bandhani Sarees in Delhi – AshaGautam

The word Bandhani comes from the Sanskrit Word “Bandhna” or “Bandha” which literally means to tie. The technique to make Bandhani Saree is a very ancient art. The first traces of Bandhani clothes date back to the era of Indus Valley Civilization at around 4000 B.C. The Buddhist paintings in the Ajanta Caves dated around 6th Century also have the references of Bandhani Clothing.

Thus Bandhani fabrics are actually age old fabrics which have been around for thousands and thousands of years.

Bandhani SareesBandhani Sarees

Bandhani Sarees are made from Indian hand has done textiles crafts which are generally carried out by skilled Bandhani artisans who are involved in this traditional craft for years and years. It usually takes about 6 months to one year time for making a traditional and ethnic Bandhani Saree.

Though making a Bandhani Saree is highly time-consuming and requires traditional techniques, it is majorily popular among the Indian women because of its rich flavour of traditional elegance and along with the essence of the folk Culture of Rajhsthan and Gujarat.

If you want the best traditional type of Bandhani Sarees in Delhi, then the store of Asha Gautam is your only solution. Asha Gautam is a luxury wedding and occasion wear brand whose forte lies in handmade textiles and textures.

Being in the industry for 20 years they specialise weaves such as Banarasi, Bandhanis, and embroideries such as convent, petit point and Zardosi among others. In Asha Gautam store, you can find the original forms of Bandhani Sarees like the Jhankaar Bandhani– known for its colourful and vibrant look with very fine patterns, BorJaal Bandhani – which is otherwise known as the wedding Bandhani Saree with high intricate web and the Colour Discharge Bandhani – which is characterised by visible darker dot patterns which is achieved by discharging darker hues.

Among the new concepts Meenakari Bandhani Sarees (resham woven with zari) and Patola Inspired Bandhani Sarees (pattern of the bandhan, resham and zari in patola pattern) are the ones which are making the new age brides on the heels.

Asha Gautam is the also best producer of ethnic and traditional bridal outfits in Delhi. Asha Gautam also makes the best bridal lehengas and dupattas in Delhi. Asha Gautam is also the store house for the best designer lehengas as well as best Silk and Bandhani Sarees in Delhi

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