Here’s what No One Tells You about Banarasi Silk Saree

Banarasi Sarees In Delhi

Banarasi Sarees have been a pride and part of Indian culture and tradition since the era of Mughals. Banarasi silk Sarees are among the most beautiful silk Sarees in India.

It knows them for their gold and silver brocade and lavish embroidery. The Banarasi silk is the little variation of silk originated in the city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India.

It makes Banarasi Sarees of woven silk, and it decorates them with intricate design. These Sarees are heavy because of the engravings and designing.

The specialty of Banarasi Sarees is the designs inspired by the Mughals such as intricate intertwining floral and foliate motifs.

Other distinct features of Banarasi silk Saree are gold work, metallic visual effects, compact weaving, mina work, small detailed figures, pallus etc.

Mughals in India brought the craftsmanship used in Banarasi Sarees. They also tried their best efforts to praise the art of weaving and designing.

Mughals also inspired artisans to work in the intricate art of weaving. Persian motifs were being mixed up with the usual Indian attire to make it more beautiful and attractive.

Behind the grace of Banarasi Saree, there is a weaver whose excellent skills go into the making of such a great outfit.

It will surprise you to know that it takes around 15 days to one month to complete a Banarasi Saree. But the time may vary depending upon the complexity of patterns and designs of the sari.

Making of an Authentic Indian Banarasi Silk Saree:

A perfect Banarasi Sari comprises of around 5600 thread wires which are 45-inch wide. It weaves its base on the power loom.

In case of fabricating the warp, the craftsmen make 24 to 26 m long base. The teamwork involved in producing and creating an Indian Banarasi silk Saree is the most crucial aspect., three weavers are included in creating one Saree.

Two of them are engaged in weaving the Saree, and it involves the third one at the revolving ring, where bundles are created.

At the time of bundling the process of designing the motifs begins. To create design boards, the first thing the artist does that includes sketching the design on a graph paper along with color concepts.

It creates punch cards before selecting the final plan. A single model of authentic Banarasi Saree requires plenty of perforated cards for implementing the idea.

Weavers use different threads and colors on the loom to knit the prepared perforated cards. Then they paddled the knitted perforated cards.

Tips to purchase pure Banarasi silk Saree:

  • While buying a transparent Banarasi silk Saree, check whether the Saree has an open border or patch of about 7 to 8 inches on the silk pallu.
  • The duplicate silk Saree will not have that border or patch on the pallu.
  • The genuine Banarasi Sarees weave in Varanasi Uttar Pradesh, and it has assigned them with GI protection under the Intellectual Property Right.
  • You will always find Mughal patterns and motifs in a real Banarasi Silk Saree.
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