Why Banarasi Lehengas are an Ideal Outfit for your D DAY - Asha Gautam

Why Banarasi Lehengas are an Ideal Outfit for your D DAY – Asha Gautam

Banarasi Lehengas are the ethnic traditional outfits which are ideally suited for the bride on her D Day. They make up an ideal wedding outfit for the bride because of its rich elegance and high traditional value along with its classy nature. Following are some of the reason why Banarasi Lehenga makes an ideal D day outfit for a bride-

It’s super stylish – Not only Banarasi Lehengas have the cultural and traditional value but it is also super stylish. Banarasi Lehengas are also easy to style. It looks good with different fabrics like silk, cotton, velvet, and Chanderi. One can also opt for crop tops along with Banarasi Lehenga with quirky accessories to give it a modern look.

Banarasi Lehengas

It can be reused – Banarasi Lehengas are known for its sheen and design. It is not heavy at all and doesn’t come with extra embroidery or embellishments. That makes these outfits very useable even after the wedding. One can even pair it with a simple cotton blouse to give a trendy look at a friend’s or relative’s wedding.

It has the royal vibe – Banarasi Lehengas are much lighter than another form of Banarasi attires because of light embellishments and embroideries. However, it doesn’t comprise on its gorgeousness. Every Banarasi Lehenga has a royal vibe in it especially when matched with the kind of jewelry.

It suits everybody – Banarasi Lehenga, because of its flowing silk fabric gives your body a softer silhouette, thus perfectly shaping in every body type. Bride with slimmer figure can opt for Banarasi silk Lehenga with extra focus on dupattas which can give a fuller look.  Bride with bulky figure can go for the lighter shades of Banarasi Lehenga. Banarasi Lehenga works for every body type.

It can be paired with other fabrics – One can easily pair a Banarasi Lehenga with a cotton choli or a velvet blouse. Thus, Banarasi Lehenga can be paired with any other fabrics which show the beauty of its versatility.

These days banarasi has got wider in textiles. Designers like Gautam Gupta play with yarns and blend them to create new textiles. Linen silk, Georgette tissue, Khadi linen, Munga georgette and Eri mulberry silk.

Asha Gautam is a luxury wedding and occasion wear brand whose forte lies in handmade textiles and textures. Being in the industry for 20 years they specialize weaves such as Banarasi, Bandhanis, and embroideries such as convent, petit point, and Zardosi among others.

In Asha Gautam store, you can find the original forms of Bandhani Sarees like the Jhankaar Bandhani, BorJaal Bandhani, and Colour Discharge Bandhani. Asha Gautam is the also best producer of ethnic and traditional bridal outfits in Delhi. Asha Gautam also makes the best bridal lehengas and dupattas in Delhi. Asha Gautam is also the storehouse for the best designer lehengas as well as best Silk and Bandhani Sarees in Delhi

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