Banarasi saree in India

A statement we often hear. Sometimes we wonder what is so special about the banarasi, its weave or the feel. As a country, we have a history of royalty, and most of the maharanis and begums of ancient India were known for their wardrobes. The archives tell us how the weavers were brought from around the world to craft fabrics for royalty. In those times, pure zari was used to make clothes and certain motifs such as flowers, peacock, paisleys, asharfi, shikargah and many more were taken from nature and the environment at that time made a statement. Royalty was looked upon and everyone wanted to dress up like them, but with time things changed. However, that image of royalty envisaged in a lot of Indian women’s mind.

Banarasi saree in India is symbolic of royalty and history. The banarasi saree is like a string that reminisces to a woman with that magical craftsmanship and lustre of Indian weave. The majority of Indians despite being global in thoughts, still have a love for Indianess in our life be it food, travel or clothing and a saree is the finest Indian signature drape.

The drape also gives nostalgia to a lot of youngsters as to how their grandmothers and mothers used to love wearing it and a lot of them want to look like them on several occasions. Recently, when certain actress such as Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma and Dia mirza wore traditional sarees during their wedding ceremonies, they showed the way to a lot of to-be brides who now love donning banarasi sarees on at least one of the ceremonies.

A lot of influencers from various walks of life have always made public appearances wearing banarasi saree which inspires netizens on social media as well. Even in the modern era of clothing, the banarasi saree didn’t lose its charm and one can credit it to the playful blouses and tops which made these sarees look like fusion wear.

The nature of the saree is such that it can be draped in so many ways that one can look so different even wearing the same saree. The Indian design fraternity has always done a lot of work on banarasi saree in India to make it appealing to all generation by not only changing the motifs but colour combinations and yarn blending.

The juxtaposition of culture is now depicted in banarasi saree so well which makes it so relevant even in these changing times. Asha Gautam is one of the brands that have been working on banarasi sarees for the past 23 years, they have been working with artisans at the grassroots level and are trying to preserve and revive the saree.

Asha Gautam is one of the few brands who made the human figure in the banarasi famous and are also the innovators of tissue georgette fabric in the wedding and occasion wear industry. Their love for weaves and especially for banarasi saree inspire them to keep working and experimenting to attain the altering aspirations of tomorrow’s consumer.

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