8 Things no one will tell you while buying Designer Lehenga for Wedding

8 Things no one will tell you while buying Designer Lehenga for Wedding

Indian weddings are a big deal, neither the bride’s family nor the groom’s family; everything would be done lavishly. For a bride, this is the most important day and would try out top to look best. Be it the lavish wedding or normal wedding, bridal designer lehenga is the best suited. In today’s fashion generation, wedding designer lehengas are available in multiple options, created by new age fashion designers.

No matter from where you buy the lehenga, it has to make the bride look stunning in all sense. When we talk about designer lehenga, there are many things you must consider before investing in it. One important thing to notice here is the price tag which comes along.

It is not for every other bride, but to only who is preparing for a lavish one. When you begin your search, you will come across different designer lehengas in Delhi available at different stores. From high-end bridal store to normal stores, you will have many options to choose from. Whether you are buying bridal designer lehenga for yourself or your close ones, here are a few things you must consider:

These 8 Things no one will tell you while buying Designer Lehenga for Wedding

  1. Choose it by self:

In many Indian communities, there is a common tradition, where the groom’s family gifts the wedding dress to the bride. In such a case, you don’t need to disregard the tradition, but you can too include yourself for the choice. Shopping together for the wedding bridal lehenga with to-be in-laws and fiancé will help you to choose the lehenga that suits you the best. You can bring out your choices to them and collectively select the one that suits the budget and you.

  1. Recognize your Body Types:

Yes! This is the most important aspect to consider and many don’t even know of it. What particular style would suit you, size, color, and other aspects are important to consider. The ultimate aim is to buy a lehenga that perfectly matches your body types. Whether you are skinny, slim, athletic, or busty, select the lehenga that goes perfectly with your body.

  1. Know your Best Colors:

Indian women come in different shapes, skin color, and sizes. However, the most favorite and traditional color is the hues of red, gold and maroon. Choose the combination of exciting colors will undoubtedly make the best buying decision. If you are quite dusky, then grey and olive green shades will do the best. If you have a lighter skin tone, then pink and sky blue is the best.

  1. Choose the length of the height:

Whether you are short or tall, buying designer lehenga as the bride that goes with the right will help. The best way is to do is try out while buying the bridal lehenga. If you are short in height, then go high waist lehengas that will make your legs look longer. Also, stick to a single tone with extra patterns to create the illusion. If you are tall, then avoid wearing heels and get graceful cholis.

  1. Fabric:

This is the next important thing you need to consider for the best bridal lehenga to wear. A suitable fabric lehenga will stay for long years and looks rich in all sense. It is better to go for silk but avoid velvet and thick silk which can be very heavy.

  1. Look for the Occasion:

Although sari is the common thing in wedding occasion, brides usually go for lehengas. In many fat Indian wedding, there are multiple events takes place, so buy a lehenga for every occasion is common. So when buying a lehenga, choose according to the event that complements them both. Wear something having a lot of poof helping you to get the best pictures for the night. On the wedding day, go for a usual traditional red or the modern pastels.

  1. Design Selection:

When you look for designer lehenga in Delhi, you will find the range of designs collections for various wedding events. So when you are looking for one, make sure the veil is nicely adorned sequins with little flowers over it. For instance, if you are wearing white or beige, then print should be bold. It also depends on which culture you belong too.

  1. Lehengas for day and night wedding:

While shopping, do buy lehengas for both day and night clothing. Try mixing fabrics, colors, and textures that suit perfectly to your body and the event. During the daytime event, look for brighter shades with minimal work. During the night event, go for a darker shade.

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