Latest Trends in Designer’s Lehenga - Asha Gautam

Latest Trends in Designer Lehenga – Asha Gautam

Lehengas are the most ideal wear for any types of wedding ceremonies. Whether you are the bride or the bride’s best friend, an attractive designer Lehenga is what can make them look gorgeous and beautiful.  More importantly, Lehengas are easy to dress down or up, can be reinvented quiet easily, they have a feminine charm which is quiet unmatched and most importantly they give you the most beautiful and adorable look.

So let’s look at the latest trends of the of the designer’s Lehenga this year-

Power of Fabrics – Fashion is going minimal globally and it has its impact on wedding wear in India as well. Adding to this fact is that our handmade textiles have got major revival so the textiles today rules lehengas right from banarasi to bandhani to lot of other weaves.

Tap in the Art – Art inspired print are the talk of the town of this year in designers Lehenga. Inspired by paintings, modern art, murals and ethnic art forms from across the world, designer’s Lehenga have gone the artistic way. Art inspired Lehenga are also not too heavy and thus can be the most ideal wear or party shows and dance theme shows.

The Power of Flower – Floral print were of huge craze in the last season. This year also, are going to see tons of floral print designer’s Lehenga with no embroidery, light and fuss free vibe. The panel floral Lehenga and the whole flower tapestry are the most famous among the all.

Designer’s Lehenga

Plain yet Different – Lehengas which are fabricated with plain fabrics will the talk of the town in this season. They can be dressed down and with much ease can be used for many years.

Designer’s Lehenga

The Jacket Lehenga– One of the hottest trends of designer Lehenga in this year will be the eternal jacket or cape style silhouette. On one hand it is versatile and on the other it can be used in various occasions, both formal and informal and both causal and ethnic traditional occasions.

Designer’s Lehenga

Asha Gautam is a luxury wedding and occasion wear brand whose forte lies in handmade textiles and textures. Being in the industry for 20 years they specialise weaves such as Banarasi, Bandhanis, and embroideries such as convent, petit point and Zardosi among others. In Asha Gautam store, you can find the original forms of Bandhani Sarees like the Jhankaar Bandhani, BorJaal Bandhani, and Colour Discharge Bandhani. Asha Gautam is the also best producer of ethnic and traditional bridal outfits in Delhi. Asha Gautam also makes the best bridal lehengas and dupattas in Delhi. Asha Gautam is also the store house for the best designer lehengas as well as best Silk and Bandhani Sarees in Delhi

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