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An Indian woman beautifully draped in vintage looking sarees is a never ending scene. Since ages, there has been a huge change in different types of sarees Indian women have worn. Of all the types, Banarasi Sarees are the most famous one which never goes out of fashion. It is an emotion that has tied up Indian women towards its charm. Be it the wedding occasion or family function, women never misses a chance to wear saree. Weaving Banarasi saree is a traditional art that has been practiced since ancient times.

Banarasi Sarees

The Origin and Journey:

Banarasi Sarees are the pride of Varanasi. It is known for its richness in terms of intricate gold and silver or zari work making it look the best and elegant. Banarasi Sarees are the symbol of Royalty and Style. The earliest mention of this saree is on 19th century. Since then, this traditional saree has been the major center of attraction. To be precise, Banarasi Sarees are known as the queen of Indian sarees. The designs are inspired by Mughal era and highly different from Kanjivaram Sarees.

Over the years, there are different designs that have kept these sarees a trend setter. Some of the popular designs are Diagonal Stripes, Floral motifs-mango, and marigold. One of the best things about this type of sari is, it is completely handmade and take 15 days or month to complete. The intrinsic craftsmanship to create Banarasi Sarees requires years of experience.

Variety in Sarees:

The reason why Banarasi Sarees are in trends for so long and will remain in trends is because of different varieties available. One of the famous varieties is Jamdani that has interesting variation of muslin. In this, cotton is brocaded with silk to create effect. However, for wedding ceremonies, Jangla style is widely preferred. Younger women who prefer shimmering designs and artwork go for Tanchoi saree having silk yarns with extra wefts. With the synergies of fashion designers and weavers today we see lot more textiles such as georgette tissue, munga georgette, linen silk and many more being used for sarees.

As the trend continues and the style demand increases, embroidery with gold work having small details gives a visual look. If you are looking for intrinsic and royal looking Banasrasi sarees then you must visit label Asha Gautam in their flagship store in defence colony, New Delhi to find some of the best collection under best price given. However, it is important that you have eyes on details when buying the saree.

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